What Is Apple

What Is Apple

Apple oh how we have grown to love the brand over the years. I’m sure if you have electronics of any sort. You either own or plan to own an apple product. If you dislike the brand for some odd reason that fine as well. But today we will discuss what apple is. We will also do a little digging and find out some things about the brand that you didn’t know.

This should be fun and an eye opener for sure.


What Is Apple

What Is Apple

Apple is mostly known for its phones as of today. But they had to work their way up and started off as a personal computer manufacturer. The road wasn’t easy. But it sure as hell paid off. I mean that literally. Apple as of now brings in billions annually. Yes, that’s with a B. It didn’t happen overnight. Apple has been in the game for a long time now and continues to get better over time. It started with its founders.



History About Apple

What Is Apple
Steve Jobs
What Is Apple
Steve Wozniak

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. They started in a garage owned by the Wozniak family. Jobs and Wozniak had withdrawn from Reed College and UC Berkeley in 1975. The duo created their first computer early April of 1976.

What Is Apple
Apple 1

They would soon incorporate the company to Cupertino, California January 3, 1977. The company went public in 1981. The brand has been on the roll ever since. For three decades the company pumped out a plethora of personal computers. Remember the Apple 1, Apple 2 and 3 Macintosh and Power Mac lines?

Those were some of the first products they pushed out. But they had some measly sales and low market share in the 90’s. Jobs had been had been turned away from the company in 85. Yes, his own company. He worked the living mess out of his employees and required so much of them.

What Is Apple

His ego and demand for perfection caused tension between him and his workers. But made a comeback in 96. After another company of his called NeXT was purchased by Apple. The following year he became the company’s interim CEO.

That soon changed and he was the permanent CEO. He quickly got things rolling within the company. He was the ring leader of the company’s infrastructure and brought in this new philosophy to the work environment. By making recognizable products with a simple design. The original iMac was then born.

What Is Apple
Original iMac

Nothing fancy or extraordinary about it. Just like he said recognizable with a simple design. This may not look like much to you today. With all the technology that is floating around. But back when this dropped. It was like the latest pair of shoes or phone.

Everyone had to have one. The company would soon go on to make an iPod in 2001. Soon after that, they established the Itunes music store in 03. By this time apple was the face of consumer electronics. Blowing all competition out of the water.

The brand dropped the word “computer” from its name. I know I keep calling it apple. But it was really called Apple Computer Inc. By this time they are known for the IOS range of smartphones, media players, and tablet computers.

For a visual of everything I mean the whole nine yards. I would recommend you to watch the Steve Jobs movie. It is marvelous and gives you it all raw and uncut.

What All Does Apple Make

  • iPhones
  • iPods
  • iPods
  • Mac Computers 
  • Apple Watch
  • Apple TV

and more. But these are the main ones that you have or wish to have one day.



Apple’s CEO Now

What Is Apple
Current CEO of Apple Timothy Donald Cook

Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 at the age of 56. He lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He went out fighting and is still the talk of the town in apple world. Even though he is no longer here. The stern influence he put on others to do things to their best ability still remains present.

In comes Timothy Donald Cook. He and Jobs had been friends a long time and have built a strong bond by this time. Timothy joined the company in 1998 and served as Senior Vice President he would eventually become the Executive Vice President in 2011.

He would soon have to step up and fill in Job’s place. As he fought cancer. He had taken some time off from the company to battle that dreadful disease. He would still call the shots from a distance. But Timothy was there and serving on the front lines.

What Is Apple

Keeping the company afloat in the absence of Jobs. After jobs passed away. Timothy was rightfully named the CEO of the company and is still in charge as of today. Wozniak is still in the picture and is still a paid employee of apple. His exact title or role is unknown. But many think he has left the company. He stated in his biography that he hasn’t gone anywhere.




You now know a little more about apple than you already did I’m sure. Who would’ve ever thought these two college dropouts would take the world by storm like this. This goes to show that it’s not how you move. It’s what you do when you move.

Many frown upon dropping out of school. But if you have a plan and a goal. You have to go against the grain sometimes. Just like these two and Bill Gates. He also dropped out of college. These men are all billionaires today. I doubt that they would’ve gotten a job out of college that paid them billions annually.

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  1. Norman Reply

    Hello and thanks for sharing, apple is well known all over the world. in, fact, I believed many years ago the first computer name that I learned was apple. This name has made a mark for itself throughout the years and is still going strong, but like you said, apple had to work hard to rise to this level and like you showed they have many other devices. Thanks for sharing the history of apple

  2. Rina Reply

    Thank you for a very interesting account of the beginning of Apple Computer Inc. I am not an apple user myself but have used them briefly at one point in time. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting history. I have a few friends who love their macs and are always trying to convert me lol, but it’s cool that they think so highly of their apple computers 🙂

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      Your right apple users are like some kind of cult. The apple and android comparisons can turn into heated arguments. I’ve seen this many times.

  3. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr. Reply

    Every time I learn of a college drop who created a company or product that became a success story it makes me question what am I waiting for? What am I lacking? What’s taking you so long?

    I am a big fan of apple and I have loved watching their innovation over the years. It was sadto see Steve pass away and I hope the company does well without his input.

    It is amazing to see where they started and where they are at now. Great post!

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      Thank you for your comment and I agree the story is an interesting one indeed

  4. isaac Reply

    Great article on the humble start of the Apple company. Like you said, if there’s a great idea, then those college degrees won’t really matter. The work it’s moved by doers, those that have the will to do things. College degrees are as good as the person having it.

    What I truly love about Steve jobs’ Apple is how he innovate things in a way that people can’t think of. He’s truly an inspiration to all of us. RIP Steve..

  5. Leo Reply

    For a moment, I thought you meant a real Apple (Fruit), haha. Just kidding! Apple may not come across to us as unfamiliar nowadays with the extreme popularity of iPad, iPhones and the various products. However in the early days, Apple was not so successful as the Personal Computing System on Windows are usually the preferred choice. It is pretty amazing how Apple had transformed itself from the verge of closing down to how successful it is today. Imagine, a $800 worth of Apple shares 20 years ago is worth billions of dollars today. Wow, just wow.

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      I know right if you would’ve had stock invested you would be a very happy person right now.

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