Microsoft Company Review – Bill Gates The Computer Legend

Microsoft Company Review - Bill Gates The Computer Legend

Microsoft Company Review

Microsoft Company Review

Company History

9.0 /10

Product Variety

10.0 /10


10.0 /10

User Friendliness

10.0 /10


  • Tons Of Products Available
  • Trusted Supplier
  • For All Ages
  • Worldwide
  • Easy To Use


  • Emojis Aren't That Great
  • Graphics Are Said To Be Less Than Rival Brand Apple

The Microsoft brand is just like apple, facebook, twitter and google. It is just one of those names that you hear and can instantly put an image or product with it. But unlike the social media sites or search engine mega power google. Microsoft is in direct competition with Apple. The two are at each other’s throats like Mcdonalds and Burger Kings or Lowes and Home Depot.

So most of what they create is an exact attack geared towards the competitive brand. But Google will soon have to watch out. Not sure if you knew this but bing is a search engine backed by Microsoft. So as the company continues to grow and make more money. They will soon have some rank in the search engines. Microsoft isn’t just a computer manufacturing company. But let’s get into some history of the company so you can get a better understanding of whats what and how they came along to become what it is today.


The History Of Microsoft Company Review

Founded in 1972 childhood friends Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Decided to but their computer minded brains together and form what you know today to be Microsoft.

This was not their first company founded. In fact, their first one was something that went by the name of Traf-O-Data. It sold rudimentary computers to track and analyze automobile traffic data.

Gates would soon enroll into Havard University while his buddy Allen went to Washington University. Which he would soon drop out of to work at Honeywell.

Altair 8800 Computer With 8-inch Floppy Disk System
Altair 8800 Computer With 8-inch Floppy Disk System

In 1975 Popular Electronics featured Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry System’s Altair 8800 microcomputer. This inspired Allen to create a basic interpreter for the device. He would soon call his friend Gates and discuss the topic. They did not yet have an interpreter and were asked to demonstrate what the device that they were going to create was going to do. So Allen used the simulator for the Altair 8800 while Gates actually created the interpreter.

Although they put the interpreter on a simulator it worked perfectly. This is what they demonstrated in March of 1975 to MITS in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lucky for them the whole thing was a success MITS liked what they saw and decided to distribute the product. Marketing it as the Altair Basic.

Gates and Childhood Friends Allen established the Microsoft brand in early April of 1975. Naming Gates the CEO of the organization. The name Microsoft was suggested by Allen.

Xenix - Developed By Microsoft
Xenix – Developed By Microsoft

Microsoft came into the operating system world with its own version of Unix, theirs was called Xenix. It was MS-DOS that sealed the deal for the Microsoft company and solidifying their dominance.

They tried to negotiate deals with Digital research. IBM awarded a contract to Microsoft in November of 1980.


More About The History Of Microsoft – The Company That Keeps On GIving

Although they have jointly created an operating system with IBM called OS/2 in August 1985.

Starting MS-DOS By Microsoft
Starting MS-DOS By Microsoft

Microsoft would soon go off and release the Microsoft Windows graphic extension for MS-DOS on November 20 of that same year.

Microsoft would soon move their headquarters to Redmond in late February of 1986 and March of that same year the company went public.

This move caused a rise in the stock market. Resulting in four billionaires and 12,000 millionaires from Microsoft employees.

Microsoft Works Suite - Price Changes over time
Microsoft Works Suite – Price Changes over time

In 1990 the company introduced Microsoft suite. This bundled a few separate applications into one area. Applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. May 22 of 1990. The company would launch Windows 3.0 which had improved interface graphics, improved protected mode capability for the Intel 386 processor.


The Years You Want Back –  Microsoft Becoming A Powerhouse

In 1995 Microsoft began to redefine its offerings and expand its product line into computer networking and the world wide web.

Microsoft Windows 95
Microsoft Windows 95

The company quickly released Windows 95 in August of 95. Windows came bundled with a lot of cool things like a start button in the interface for users to use and a 32-bit compatibility.

Internet Explorer was not apart of the bundle. Because the boxes that the product was being sold in was already printed before the team could finish the web browser. So I was included I the windows 95 plus pack. So no harm was done.


Microsoft just like any other big business should. Started to branch out and see what else they could tap into for a source of revenue. The company with the help of General Electric’s Of NBC created the new 24/7 cable news channel MSNBC.

In 1997 Microsoft was pressed by the Justice Department that they had violated an agreement that they had signed back in 1994. They asked the Federal District Court to stop Microsoft from bundling internet explorer with windows.

Steve Ballmer
Steve Ballmer

In 2000 the beginning of the year. Bill Gates handed over the CEO position to Steve Ballmer. He was an old college friend of Gates and has been an employee of the company since the 1980s. He was the Chief Software Architect.

Original Xbox
Original Xbox

In 2001 the company laid one golden egg after another. They released the Windows XP. They also released a still very popular gaming console today. That being the Xbox. This was huge at the time. Becuase that market was heavily dominated by Sony & Nintendo.

IN 2004 the European Union brought an antitrust legal action against the company. Citing its dominance with the Windows OS resulting in a judgment of 613 million. This also leads to Microsoft having to create new versions of the Windows XP without windows media player.

Xbox 360 - By Microsoft
Xbox 360 – By Microsoft

In 2005 the company released the Xbox 360. I remember these things like it was yesterday. When they dropped the Xbox 360 it was epic and you just have to have lived through the phase to get the effects that it caused.

The company had many run-ins with the law and rather it brought negative or positive publicity. Any publicity is good publicity.

They would eventually settle with the  U.S. Department of justice in 2004.


Microsoft Is The New Sherrif In Town

Microsoft was in the sights of The European Union again for possibly another hefty fine this time creeping up to about 1.4 billion dollars. Claiming that the company charged rivals unreasonable prices for key information about its workgroup and back-office servers.

Microsoft quickly responded to the European Union. Stating that they are simply trying to fine them over past issues that have already been resolved.

Gates retired from his role as the Chief Software Architect late June or 2008. Something that was being discussed back in 2006.

As smartphones came into the picture as technology advanced. Microsoft found itself struggling to keep up with rivals apple and google. They had to soon provide a modern smartphone to compete.

Windows Mobile Screenshot
Windows Mobile Screenshot

In 2010 Microsoft created the windows mobile using it to replace the windows phone OS.

Following the release of their smartphone. The company to a gradual rebranding of their company and products through 2011 & 2012.

Microsoft revealed the Windows 8 operating system designed to power both personal computers and tablets alike.

In 2012 Microsoft sold 50% stake in MSNBC which they had run as a joint venture since the mid-90s.

Xbox One - By Microsoft
Xbox One – By Microsoft

May 2013 they would drop the Xbox one with the Kinect attachment which was apart of the gaming console that could provide different uses for the gamer.


Where Are They Today

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella

Feb of 2014 Steve Ballmer stepped down as the CEO of Microsoft and was succeeded by Satya Nadella who led Microsoft’s cloud enterprise division.

John W. Thompson
John W. Thompson

On that very same day, John W. Thompson took the role of the chairman in place of Bill Gates who still has pull within the company he created.

In Q1 of 2015 Microsft was the third-largest maker of mobile phones selling 33 million units.

The company still thrives as they continue to jump the hurdles of being a stable mega power in the computer/technology market.

This is an insight on a company that has found a way to impact your life technology wise in some way form or fashion. Now that you have some history on the company you can be more aware of the products you are purchasing and what they came from.

Feel free to share and comment on this post. I will get back with you as soon as i can. Thank you and have a nice day.

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  1. Ilias Reply

    Microsoft is a huge and well-known company. I think that people from all over the world recognize their logo.

    Thanks for the review and the information about the history of the company. I was looking to learn more about them the last weeks.

    I have used many Microsoft products before and I am sure that we will see more of them in the future.

  2. dinh Reply

    Being a powerhouse giant in the tech industry Microsoft doesn’t seem to be going anywhere but UP!
    I know there’s lots of competition with Apple products and think that lots of the younger generation are more into Apple because it’s cool. I think being solid is better though.

  3. Kenny Wong Reply

    Hi Tyler,

    Thanks for the thorough review of Microsoft Company.

    In my opinion, Microsoft beats Apple when it comes to computer. For smartphone, Apple is far better than Window’s smartphone…

    What do you think about this?


    • Tyler Post authorReply

      I would have to disagree. I say that Apple is beating Microsoft in both categories. But in due time I do think Microsoft will take over. Slowly but surely.

  4. Reese Reply

    Great Read, i like the simplicit of your site, yet very informative. I would definitely recommend this site and even reference it myself for information on the different brands. Coming from the tech industy this would give me a one up on the competition or even having an intelligent conversation about the subject.

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      Thank you for your feedback and support. I’m here to chat anytime.

  5. John Reply

    The Microsoft brand is always the first on my mind when I need to purchase a laptop, phone and other gadgets. They currently have the largest market share in the IT Industry. I always recommend Microsoft products to anyone most especially, their computers because they have proven to be reliable, stable and trusted. Thanks so much for this review, it answered a lot of questions I have been pondering for some time.

  6. Demi Reply

    I really enjoyed your review on Microsoft. Being such a big and successful company, I think, There would be so many things to their existence and success. But I admire the way you explained all there is to know about it on a single article.

  7. Rebecca Reply

    Hi! You did a great review of the microsoft company and Bill Gates. I kind of followed their history, although you are definitely more informed than I am. I purchased my first pc 1980 and first used the internet in 2000. I have followed the progress of the pc models from windows 256 to pention 3 and now windows 10.I have not used any other brand but microsoft as well as my softwares. microsoft just continues to grow and they are not going anywhere but up. Thanks for sharing your info.

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