Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review

Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review

Dell Latitude E6320

Price Varies
Dell Latitude E6320

Light Weight

10.0 /10

Screen Size

9.0 /10


10.0 /10


9.0 /10


  • Fair Price
  • Easy To Move With
  • Dell Is A Trusted Brand
  • 2-Day Secure Shipping
  • Works Like New


  • Refurbished

Computer reviews are always good to read before you just go out and spend money on a device. Some are more expensive than others.

But they all have their unique differences. I will give you a detailed review of a Dell computer that is highly favored in the large numbers of internet users across the globe.


Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review

Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review
Dell Latitude E6320 Computer


Price For The Dell Latitude E6320

Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review
Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Price

$209 – $300+
These prices are subject to change over time and might be different once you visit the product page.

But at the time I wrote this review these were the price ranges for this particular computer.

I recommend and buy most of my computers off of

They are reliable and come through every time. If not you get your money back no problems.

One of the safest places to buy high-end electronics for sure.


More About The Dell Latitude

This item is factory refurbished. This means the computer you will receive will come in like new condition.

The design is for quality service on the go.

If I had one it would be my go-to laptop without a doubt. It has a nice frame and nonchalant look to it.

This is a laptop for everyone of all ages. It is equipped with a lot of cool inside features as well such as the following.

Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review
Intel Core i5
  •  i5 CPU which runs at 2.5GHz
  • 120GB Of Storage all made possible with a solid state drive.
  • 4GB Of DDR3 memory.
  • The computer comes with Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit.

What Is The Warranty On The Dell Latitude E6320 Computer

It comes with a Two-year Warranty when you buy from this link.



What Comes With A Refurbished Dell Latitude E6320 Computer

Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review
What Comes With A Refurbished Dell Latitude E6320 Computer

When you receive the box inside you will see the Computer and Charger Cable and Battery.

If it has anything other than that. You should contact the source from which you purchased the item from and see whats going on.


Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Product Information

  • 13.3 inches
  • Max Screen Resolution – 1366 X 768
  •  Graphics Coprocessor – Intel HD Graphics 3000
  •  Two USB Ports
  • Platform – PC
  • Operating System – Windows 7
  • Weight – 4 pounds
  • Size – 8.8 X 13.2 X 1 inches
  • Color – Silver/Gray
  • Ram Size – 4GB


What Other Real Customers Have To Say About The Dell Latitude E6320 Computer 

This item has 41 reviews and 4.9 out of 5-star rating as of right now. That’s almost perfect feedback.

So that right there should speak for itself about the legitimacy of this computer.

Your experience may not be like others. So it’s only one way to find out if this item is for you or not. That is to give it a shot.

Have a look at what customers have written about this product on Amazon. If you cant see the image below just click it and it should give you the full review page where you can read not only these in the image below. But all of the reviews left by customers who’ve purchased this product.

Definalty a lot of great uncut information for you to check out there for sure. I would advise you read them all before making a buying decision.

Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Review
Dell Latitude E6320 Computer Customer Reviews



I like this computer personally. This is the type of computer I would recommend to students and people who work from home.

This item for the price and what it brings to the table is a steal.

But I’m a hard proof evidence kind of guy and I like to see how things work from first hand from experience.

So I will in the near future get my hands on one of these and see what it’s all about.

Until then maybe you can beat me to it or you already own this item. I would love your feedback on it.

That’s all I have for this review. Feel free to share this post with a friend.

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  1. Anton Reply

    This machine has some great reviews and very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this laptop for a student. I see it has a solid state drive which makes a huge difference with the overall performance. 120GB is not a lot of space but if you are only dealing with documents and maybe even some music that should be plenty of space. The i5 processor is reliable as well. I wouldn’t use this laptop for design or creation programs but for business or educational use I think this unit would shine.

    Thanks for the review!


  2. Isaac Reply

    This would be a good basic laptop for my two tweens who mainly surf the web and some online homework – there’s not a lot of drive capacity which wouldn’t bother them too much, but the more stuff is loaded onto the laptop plus all of the internet residue left behind would slow this device down, but overall it’s a good buy. good review.

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      Hmmm! I may have to take that into consideration. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Stephen Reply

    Hi Tyler,
    Thanks very much for this. I am actually looking for a laptop for my ONLINE Business. I love Dell computers a lot, especially the Dell Inspiron.

    I am considering buying one Dell laptop for my business and I think this Dell Latitude E6320 will be a very good pick for my online business.

    But I want to find out this from you since you are technical person than I am, Please which of these two Dell laptops will you recommend to me; the Inspiron 15 5000 or the Latitude E6320.

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      Latitude E6320. I have a friend in my neighborhood who owns a lot of computers. He said that The latitude would be the best bang for your buck.

  4. Nathan Reply

    I am in need of a new laptop to take with me on road trips and for working at home. In my spare time I like to play video games over the web. Is this an ideal laptop that can preform when connected to online games or should I look at a different one. The price is very reasonable just didn’t know if it would work well for games. Thanks in advance

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      It depends on what you want it to provide. As far as the connection goes. I don’t think that’s up to your computer. That’s more of the location of your home the type of router you have and who your internet is through. But as far as graphics go. They have gaming computers out there that will serve you much better visuals for a very high price. But if you just want something affordable and provides you the ability to experience online gameplay this is ok.

  5. Simon Reply

    I keep contemplating whether to purchase a laptop so I can continue working on an evening sat in the lounge. I work on a desktop during the day building a website but find a tablet is not sufficient to accomplish the tasks I wish to achieve on an evening however the power regarding 4GB of DDR3 memory included with this Dell will be sufficient for my purposes plus I do like windows 7.

    When you say the are refurbished and come in new condition, will most be scratched and marked? I do not wish to spend a fortune on a laptop yet would like something that looks pretty decent. The 2 year warranty and fab reviews are what grasped my interest.

    Thanks for your Dell Laptop review,

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      They are refurbished which means they were once own by someone else. But are now back in the companies hands for resell. Whether if the reason for return was this or that. They take the steps to clean and repair the device. To make it as new looking, feeling as possible.

  6. Tanmay Reply

    this is what i was looking for thanks for sharing amazing post with great & helpful information keep up great work

    • Tyler Post authorReply

      Thank you glad I could help you and I will be sure to continue providing reviews just like this.

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